BYK, Additives & Instruments

BYK-Chemie supplies additives to the paint and plastics industry, where they are used, for example, in automotive paints, printing inks or wood and architectural coatings

Specialty Biocides

Thor's biocides provide safe and effective protection against the microbiological spoilage of a wide variety of products, including paints, polymer emulsions, adhesives, inks, metalworking fluids, detergents, wood and plastics.

Coupling Agents

Silane coupling agents improve dispersion during mixing of resins and fillers, and improve the mechanical strength, water and heat resistance, transparency, adhesion and other properties of the composite materials. Silane coupling agents are also highly effective in improving the chemical bonding of heat-cure resins and their compatibility with polymers

Fatty Esters for Cosmetic

Stearinerie Dubois offers to the cosmetic industry a wide range of fatty esters from C6 to C32, especially vegetable or synthetic based emollients, as well as sucrose esters as natural and safe emulsifiers and some specialities as active ingredients.