Pre Painted Metal Could Create Inspiring Atmosphere

Posted by : Admin / On : 14 June 2020

Although the durability, cost, and near infinite uses of pre-painted metals are widely recognized for building exteriors, they also have design characteristics that make them impressive for interior use. Sometimes their metal design elements are subtle, while other times they take center stage with dramatic colors and shapes. With high-quality Valspar coatings, these products can be abrasion resistant even for heavy commercial use, delivering protection and long-lasting beauty.

Pre-painted wall panels come in a variety of styles, including ribbed, composite, and insulated (with rigid foam). Metal wall panels can be lightweight for a quicker and easier installation process than traditional walls. Pre-painted wall panels also provide considerable design freedom, as they can have striking shapes and colors, or take on subtle appearance.

Pre-painted metal is also commonly used by interior door, window, and cabinetry manufacturers for its durability and aesthetic qualities. In fact, pre-painted metal often outlasts wood doors and window frames, boosting project durability.

Suspended ceiling tile systems for offices, airports, government buildings, hospitals, universities, and convention centers are commonly made from pre-painted metal. They are a popular choice because they are lightweight, durable, attractive, and have outstanding heat and sound insulation properties.

Kontinum Design can help your next interior project come to life with pre-painted metal. Whether you are looking for a subtle or bold look, our endless array of coatings, colors, and effects give you significant design freedom.

Architects, builders, manufacturers, and the general public appreciate the superior aesthetic qualities of coil-coated metals. Although the cost and environmental attributes are undeniable, the outstanding appearance, consistency, and durability of this popular building material are largely fueling its popularity.

Architectural panels and building materials are inspiring awe by the amazing versatility and design freedom of coil-coated metals, which are not possible with other coating systems. The sky is the limit, such as the ability to achieve the look of brushed copper, stainless steel, wood grains, and even color-changing pigments. Pre-painted metals can also be printed, embossed, or striped for special visual effects.

The manufacturing process enables impeccable quality and consistency, boosting project durability. Large coils of metal are unwound, cleaned, coated, and oven-cured in an automated process, reducing manufacturing costs, imperfections, and associated environmental impacts. The metal is then rewound for shipping, resulting in superior-quality finished products that are not otherwise possible with other coating systems.